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What I Found in 2009

This is the time of year where folks say ” Wow-it’s December already, where did the time go?” and then you realize-crap! it’s January and
and you’re still writing last year’s date on your checks.
Right now – it is still December and I’m reflecting on the little things in 2009 which made it what it was. I suppose this should start with Barack Obama, who
galvanized the public with hope, intellectual discourse, and a remarkable contrast to the previous administration. Rome wasn’t built in a day and America can’t recover from the recession, the wars, and the ignorance of the poorest people in the richest country in a year.. Slowly, slowly we can rebuild our strange nation of democratic conflict, despite the rampant greed of corporate and individual self protection, distain for compassion toward the poorest edge of our society, and the recovery of an economy based on lies and fluffed up balance sheets. America needs Universal Health care – even if YOU don’t need it. America needs to extend the transportation infrastructure too. No one in America should be homeless, hungry and without the opportunity of a decent education and/or employment.
I think this is where Obama is going- and it’s a rougher ride than anything Teddy Roosevelt rode on. When you add the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan into this, Obama has produced more honest and upfront policy in his first year, than W did in all his 8 years combined 9/11 not withstanding. The neocon “war on Muslims”
was and is misplaced, misjudged, and absurd in its execution. America does not need this senseless war and Obama actually has a plan to get out. But it won’t be easy- and it may not be as soon as we’d like. But it’s a plan.

Other things troubled me this year. A good friend died, a good cat died, the shock of celebrity deaths and the ongoing media circus around that stuff would have us question our fragile existence. Personal issues – wanting to buy my own house, trying to find time to be more artistic, socializing beyond the internet all took a back seat to the daily goings on with life. Steady as she goes, but sometimes the pace isn’t quick enough o r rather the sweet grapes are hard to reach so we grab for the sour ones.

Of course there were plenty of good things too…My work didn’t suffer much. I’m happily married to my best friend, Susan. My daughter, Son-in-law and Grandybaby is a joyful happy and healthy family, my mom turned 80 and the rest of my family are well. When everything dwindles to a perspective that things could be worse – that’s a sarcastic point of view I’d rather not dwell on. Things could be better but they aren’t all that bad compared to some places in the rest of the world.

Somber blog post that this is- I’ll do a 180 here and say that there was an awful lot of great music out there- and i started jamming a little more when i could find the time. The release of Philip deBarge and the Pretty Things was pretty awesome. I am amused and confused by all the animal named bands out there: Grizzly Bear, DeerTick, Deerhunter etc etc…Dylan’s xmas album is a hoot. I listened to Tom Waits, The Black Crowes, Eno, Molly Bancroft, Sam Phillips, Mark Sandman, Peter Haviland, The Pretty Things and Captain Beefheart a lot! I started posting obscure music things-even quicky quirky songs to Reverbnation, Myspace etc and made sure that the 3 Albums I’ve constructed were available at amiestreet (not interested in a record contract folks- but I’d entertain the thought!). I think music is my drug. I started tweeting more and feel that twitter has done a lot for my “instantaneous” thought behavior (you know -when you’d like to say something but you hold your tongue)- i find i like it it a lot but it took me a long time to figure out what it is exactly.

another weird thing is that i cut way down on smoking- from about a pack a day to 4 or 5 cigarettes – maybe all of it can go away next year although that may be one of the hardest things for me to do.

Ok I’ve reminisced enough.
700 words can barely cover the the year that has passed and i’ve really just glossed over the year and not done too much introspection. I’m hoping that 2009 is a stepping stone to a bright and shiny, prosperous, humorous, joyful and loving 2010. For everyone. Without love there can be no peace. So: Love to Everywhere.

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