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GoodBye George!

In a couple of days the Presidential Crown will be passed from George W. Bush to Barack H. Obama.
In my humblest personal opinion- George W. Bush had the qualities of a man whose values are based on a part of society that ignores anyone who is not the room with you. I’m sure he’s an affable fella, but I could care less about his demeanor- he basically did the monumental bait and switch on America
using 9/11 as a stepping stone to Iraq- A move to avenge Saddam’s assassination attempt on George H. W. Bush. We’re now left with a country in financial shambles fighting a war against an entity that has been bolstered by ignorance and an attitude of arrogance without compassion.

President Obama has a long long road ahead of him- fraught with the residue of the past 8 years of insolence and intolerance -not to just to the American people but to the whole world- We’re left with looking for democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re left with America turned into vicious aggressors instead of competent defenders. We’re left with worse situations in Congo, Haiti, Gaza, Pakistan and many other places. The Financial/mortgage companies, energy/oil companies, and Automotive industries gouging themselves with their (imaginary) profits- and then laying off thousands of people-destroying pensions, and driving the country into a financial recession. Where-ever there was an opportunity for expoitation GW allowed this- and Obama must try to repair.
That long Long road is one which I feel everyone can walk down. I don’t mind living lighter, although I’ve been living pretty lightly all along- thanks to the last burst bubble of 2001.
Where George Bush has told us we must be the Aggressors, That we must live in fear, That we don’t need the government in our day to day lives unless there’s oil to to be reaped or profits to be made, now we come to a place where we need to get along with the world- set an example for modernization and efficiency-and derive new technology to solve the many riddles of our existence in order that the world be a safer saner place than the one we have known for the last eight years.
Bye Bye George- don’t let the screendoor hit ya on the way out.

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