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DRM- Go Away-Playlist

The battle is on. This playlist represent a conglomeration of current events that seem to point toward a DRM free world.
But what will that mean? Bands put out their own releases for free and folks can share the music? Vendors like Apple and Amazon and Universal sign exclusives with folks who release stuff you can’t get for free and without restriction? Private networks usurp public networks to create “local” file sharing peers? New music excluded from being “used” in internet radio?
Artists make less money than ever? Will the RIAA dissolve into a muddy toxic puddle of self-implosion?
Think and then think again.

1) Radiohead releases “pay what you will” album.

2) RIAA gets a big win against p2p filesharer.

3) Amazon mp3 download store selling DRM-free music at “lower than iTunes” prices.

4) Apple iTunes store lowers some prices on DRM-free higher bit-rate music.

5) Universal Music is preparing to go head to head with Amazon and iTunes with their own music store. Does this mean
Dave Grohl will be missing from iTunes in the near future?

6) The Beatles are slowly leaking into iTunes-Ringo, Paul, John and now, George available- but when do the Beatles albums show up? Will they be DRM free?

7) Internet Radio under seige- will it all be Creative Commons licensed music?

8) The iPod evolves into a more than a portible music device. Who can compete with that?

9) 700MGHZ bandwidth auction (2009) will make creating, collaborating, sharing and storage accessible and fast-wirelessly. or not.

All of these issues add up to one big competitive mess in the music business. Hopefully nobody will try to license brainwaves
anytime soon.
By the way -all the music at MY music site is free: theIntensions

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