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With the Boston Stores sold out of iPhones by July 4th, I took a look at the scammers on craigslist selling
4 gig units for 600 or 700 dollars (delivered):

“Have extra unopened 8GB iPhone I bought for my twin sister who no longer wants it. I went to the Apple store yesterday and they said the 8GBs are sold out so don’t wait and get it ASAP. Can meet you in Watertown or Harvard Square.”

And Ebay’s listings are mind boggling….this certainly reminds me of a Christmas Season when I worked at Bradlee’s (now Target in Watertown) and all world was needing,wanting despairing for that Ugly Cabbage Patch
Doll for little Judy. I remember the store had a shipment of like one box. (10?20? but only 5 were put out
by the staff, the Manager and the Department managers scooped up the rest before they hit the floors)
Meanwhile, in the holiday rush people were offering gobs of $$ to have these horrid things by Xmas.

At least the iPhone doesn’t come with a Birth Certificate and Adoption record…

The big blog spiel right now (folks who really want one, but their store is sold out….) is the ultimate put-down
for Apple: “I’m waiting for version 2″ . Will there even be a Version 2? Hmmm. Methinks the geek/goon speculation index is being influence by the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field. I suppose the next version will have a 32 gigabyte sshd, a pedometer, A tachyon particle analyzer, Mammography sensor and Cigarette Smoker detector.
I’m sheepishly on the fence about the iPhone, yes i want one, no I don’t want to spend the money.
FYI, remember today’s iPhone is tomorrow’s pet rock.

Just to put in another good word about the defunct Newton. I did email on it, I had terminal services on it, I had a web Browser on it. Data was pervasive as were some fundamental apps (like address book). But even better was when i started it thing up it would tell me :” July 5th 2007, No meetings today, no events today”
This is something today’s iPhone doesn’t do (maybe in a software rev…) This was 10 years ago!


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