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Found in : GNOME Wars

Here’s an excerpt and a link to an interesting comment… (Hey I’m slashdotting slashdot here….) in which the subject matter is that Linus Torvalds submitted code fixes to the Gnome folks in response to their whining about his complaints
about it. Mr Torvalds did the right thing here. Hilariously, the classic invocation
Godwin’s law is also mentioned about the link.

Mr. Peter Anonymous makes an interesting point vis-a-vis the Apple VS Orange cliche.

Linux.com | Linus fires latest shot in GNOME Wars

Apples and oranges Neutral

Anonymous Reader on 2007.02.16 16:38 #95914

I find it very annoying the the (sic) apple developers fail to provide many of the features that have been standard with oranges for years. For example in oranges there is a very hand segment feature which allows the fruit to be broken up into small convenient bite size peaces. With apples the only way to do this is to use a third party utility such as a knife. I have tried to submit patches to get segments into apples but the developers arnt interested telling me that it is just to much the orange way and thats not the way apples are. Against this kind of mentality what can you do. Lets not even get on to oranges convenient juice feature and how hard it is to get juice out of apples. Hint requires a full application suit.Peter

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