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Finally:Apple iPhone – Apple TV

Finally the Apple iPhone is announced…so all we have to do is wait for it to be released in June. I’m not going to talk about
price point- everyone knows that phone purchases may be subsidized by Cingular, and fortunately my Cingular
contract runs out in May -just in time to update my Phone (a Nokia 6030) – to an Apple phone. It looks stunning, and it does
ask the question of where doth Apple head with these things. Apple is unique in acquiring technologies and really absorbing
the details in order to present the technology to the public in an Apple-y way. the iPhone a phone reinvented with
some very cool technology attributed to it (Elegant design and Elegant user interface is what Apple is all about- eh?) might
help the Apple bottom line in promoting more “halo” effects and associations for Apple devices.
For instance, Apple TV- now I’m not entirely convinced this is what the consumer needs or wants. It stands out as a new device capable of streaming video and funneling the digital home’s media to a TV. And i think one would want the new Airport Extreme box as well along with this. But clearly this stands to have Apple really bring on the Movies and tv shows- it would have to find a place along with cable and fios tv or HDnet content and digital satillite. I was hoping the Apple TV was a router as well but it’s not.

Still, I’m ready to buy these things now- but we have to wait a month for these to show up- (and six months for the Phone) which i think is the first time Apple has announced a complete line of Vaporware….this to me – is disconcerting- My feelings
right now for Apple are mixed- excited that they have new products- but dissappointed that they aren’t available as they
are announced- traditionally a huge advantage for Apple’s surprise tactics of super secrecy and revelation at MacWorld.

So the iPhone announcement- last weeks’ loose secret with lots of speculation attached to it- is this weeks’ gotta wait for it
device- I’m not sure of the point Steve Jobs is trying to make by not having these items available today in the Apple stores.
I HATE waiting for technology that is announced but not quite available. Apple is so secret in advertising upcoming products and features of these things- this continued wait for actual in hand product is frustrating to me and my customer base who, right now,
need these “rumored” products and will go elsewhere (to other vendors)-because these products are weeks away.
it all sounds good, Apple- but put out the hardware!!

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