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Almost Back

Well I got my new refurbed disk. Nothing special…music is copying to it right now.
I’ve been backed up (heh) with other work though and the severe lack of space here has
prevented me from doing as much as I want to without tripping over a guitar or two.
Thinking about my update to the intensions site and wondering how I can get stuff going
there soon without too much trouble. I use a cool tool called Pageot which helps the QT
labor go quickly. I’m trying to automate this and add it to my podcast site for folks who don’t have rss feeds which work as well as Apple’s Safari and iTunes work together.
Still, RSS stuff is quite mysterious to me. Atom feeds,XML,PHP etc. these things are
all related but seemingly there’s a bit of Babylon going on in how these things should work.
I find I am thinking up all the right questions and google yields much of the same questions I have about trying to get these things to work right. So at least I’m on the right track. I’m going to try to keep writing about this stuff as learn about it. Maybe it will help someone else working on their sites.
That’s all fer now…

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