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Waiting for the the Man

Specifically-the UPS man. With my replacement -uh, refurbished, Seagate Drive- of Comparable size and speed. I had to
invoke the shipment 5 days after the box was received. Apparently, Receiving folks in McAllen Texas (where you have to send the drive) don’t talk to Seagate Customer Service which I am assuming is in Asia . I called Seagate CS and reported that my box was received on 12th of January (6 days? via usps with confirmation) and it took 24 hours for them to actually acknowledge this – so I think it’s on its way.

Here’s the rub-As soon as I had problems with the drive, I called Seagte and set up the RMA. I had the drive checked out at a (cheap) recovery service who informed me there was nothing they could do to fix this drive. So I had them ship the drive to me, and I subsequently forwarded it to Seagate with their RMA return label as was sent to me via Email.This whole ordeal takes too long to get a WARRANTY replacement on a BRAND NEW (mfg June 2005) drive. Seagate needs a cheaper data reccovery service for these kind or problems. Oh- they have one alright but it’s at least [500$](http://www.seagate.com/support/service/drs/pricing.html) to get data any data off of it. Personally,I feel they should at least offer to cover the recovery in these cases of HARDWARE failure (this wasn’t data corruption, or spindle malfunction, the problem was the mag disk inside-my recovery guy said I could sent the drive to DriveSavers and there’s a 60% chance they could get data off of it) -I mean, they do have the facility to offer this for their own branded drives. Of course, since they just sucked up [Maxtor ](http://www.seagatemaxtor.com)
so we’ll have to see if Maxtor just got better or Seagate just got worse. On a side note, I can’t bring myself to purchase
Maxtor or Western Digital Hard Drives since I’ve seen SO MANY failures right out of the box. This is much different than
the problems with Drive folks like Lacie or ADS who simply have crappy firewire busses.(-that’s another story!)

So now I’m skeptical of Seagate and I’m looking forward to the prices of an SSHDD to drop from a vendor like [Memtech](http://www.memtech.com) so we can all have drives with no moving parts.

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