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Seagate Technology

Seagate Technology
Howdy Campers,
I’m a bit aghast at the behavior of my new highly touted 160 gig Seagate drive which failed yesterday.
This wouldn’t be so bad, except that I’m in the midst of
switching around drives and backing up stuff so I can upgrade the CPU on my g4. So I had a good bulk of Audio files, image backups, and various other stuff (ARCHIVES!) which is held hostage
until I can scrape up the do-re-mi to recover it.
Seagate has acquired Maxtor- So is this a good thing or bad thing?
I stopped buying Maxtor
a couple years ago and this is the first Seagate
failure I’ve experienced. What’s worse is that this drive is two months old.
I have that deep sinking
feeling that you can trust no one in the Hard-drive

So I’m offering a solution to this problem which
bugs everyone in the business.
My solution is for these Hard drive companies
to tack a 5$ insurance plan to their drives to
cover replacement AND recovery costs.

Think of how this would effect the HDD business-
Users would have some protection of their data
over the warranty.
You could transfer the data to
the replacement drive.
Drive companies could tout
this policy as a best practices failsafe and give
customers what they want: integrity.

The computer hardware business is rediculous in the way it deals with hardware integrity.
Ram out of spec, bad firewire, out of box failure happens WAY TOO MUCH.
MS, Apple, Dell, Lacie- lately failures of these things are main part of my businesss- and that just
ain’t right.
Computers are all about data- so HDD companies need to stand behind Data Integrity -Not manufacturer error.
-By the way, I check my hard drives regularly,
I even have S.M.A.R.T. checkers on my OS which
is supposed to report upcoming failure. So Why
didn’t I get a warning?
-As I’m writing this I’m getting more pissed off,
so I’ll stop. But this really really sucks.

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