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Will Apple have something like this at 2006 MacWorld?

Epson America, Inc. – Product Information – MovieMate 25

Epson has this great (from technical specs) box
for projecting a nice 80″ inch image from six and a half feet away. Would that Apple devine a similar box that would have (along with analog/digital i/o connections) Wireless and streaming from local
and WAN networked computers, a Docking station
for a video ipod, sort of a Mac Mini witha projector built in. Last year there were rumors about a thing called Asteroid….I would call this Asterisk!
If Apple enters the TV projection market with such a product I expect the stock to split (again) in two months from the release date.
Oh, I do love the rumor farms milking ideas before
Apple MacWorld keynotes. Someone check Steve
Jobs’ sleeves…

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